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Internet censorship is becoming a huge issue for almost every country. For Australian citizens, they saw a huge change in 2011 with the Australian Communication and Media Authority Act, or the ACMA. This act had over 500 websites blacklisted, making it unable for any citizen to access these to see content. The government felt these sites were inappropriate for whatever reason, thus took it upon themselves to ensure that citizens were unable to view these. This goes to show that freedom of the Internet is becoming a dying ideal. It also brings to light the privacy issues that many citizens are concerned about. This is why many Australians are looking for the Best VPN for Australia to ensure they have the freedom of the Internet they had beforehand.

Why a VPN?

A VPN, stands for virtual private network, and is a way for citizens to have the freedom online that they had prior to 2011. The Best VPN for Australia is going to ensure that you have numerous IP addresses to choose from, with many of these being from areas other than Australia. For example, gaining a UK IP address will allow for access to UK television programs that are geo-blocked for UK residents only. This is achieved through the IP address belonging to the UK, even though your physical location may be in Australia.

In addition, the Best VPN for Australia is going to access those websites that may have been black listed by the government. With an IP address that is anonymous, the website has no reason to block your entry. For many people, this is the main reason as to why to have a VPN when going online.

The Best VPN for Australia

How VPN connection works

The Best VPN for Australia

When looking at the VPN providers on the market, there are over 100 providers that you can ultimately choose to have service with. There are many questions to ask yourself, such as what type of protocol is being used? What are the charges for their services? Are there any restrictions on the bandwidth that can be utilized? There are several aspects that one has to think about before they devote their attention to just one VPN provider.

One of the Best VPN for Australia that is on the market is HideMyAss. This VPN has over 800 servers that a person can utilize, ensuring that no matter where you are located within Australia, or in any other country, you can find reliable access. A close second to HMA is IPVanish, which offers servers in over 60 countries with access to over 180 servers.

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If you are located in Australia, or are someone who will be traveling to the area, and you want to ensure that you have Internet access that is uninhibited, then be sure to utilize a VPN. Otherwise, you will not have access to any of your favorite UK shows, or to those sites that may be black listed by the government.

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