The Best VPN Protocol (fastest and safest)


What’s the Best VPN?

So, you’re all set to get a VPN; however, you’re wondering which one is the best? In this guide, we’ll inform you about which protocol is the best for you by giving you an overview of all of them (OpenVPN, IPsec, L2TP, PPTP)

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Open VPN Protocol

Compatibility: Many laptops, PCs, and workstations support it.
OS Support: Mac osX, Linux, and Windows.
Level of Encryption: 160 bits or 256 bits reliant on your options.
Level of Security: The security is at its peak with no visible weaknesses. Ther’s a digital certification needed to authenticate both sides.
Solidity: Provides a stable protocol
Installation Difficulty: Easy to install the VPN
Speed: The quickest VPN
Ports: Compatible with every port

PPTP VPN Protocol

Compatibility: A variety that ranges from iPad, workstations, laptops, mobile phones, Android devices, tablets, and more.
OS Support: Windows, Mac, ioS, Mac osX, Linux, Android, DD-WRT
Level of Encryption: 128-bit
Level of Security: Encryptions are standard
Solidity: Works with many public Wi-Fi, work and university networks, and does so with high stability
Installation Difficulty: The protocol is included in most systems, and it’s easy to install.
Speed: A low encryption level makes it quite fast
Ports: Limited

SSTP VPN Protocol

Compatibility: Compatible with most laptops, computers, and workstations.
OS Suport: Mac osX, Windows, and
Level of Encryption:  256 bits.
Level of Security: A high level of security with no known weaknesses
Solidity: Highly stable
Installation Difficulty: Easy
Speed: A quick protocol
Ports: Compatible with many ports and difficult to detect

L2TP and IPsec VPN Protocol

Compatibility: Supports many devices, including workstations, mobile phones, and laptops
OS Support: Android, Linux, Windows, Mac osX, ioS
Level of Encryption: 256-bit
Level of Security: Advanced data encryption level, with double encapsulation capabilities
Solidity: High stability for networks that support NAT
Installation Difficulty: Some advanced configuration required
Speed: Slower encryption
Ports: More options when compared to PPTP

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