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In Egypt Internet privacy stays a big issue. There are a lot of problems in Egypt with the privacy of their people when they are using the Internet. This is what is currently going on in Egypt.


The Egypt government has banned a couple of websites recently that are under the telecommunication policies that are set up by Egypt’s Ministry of Interior. This new banned websites comes after heightened terrorism threats in the late summer of 2013.

The High Council for Cyber Security was established by the Prime Minister, Ibrahim Mehleb, in 2014 to combat cyber-attacks and banning some websites that might put the country in danger. There were too many bombs going off in the capital city. The government from Egypt asked the help off a US-based firm to help with surveillance efforts on the people of Egypt.

Everyone has a right to privacy, even the people of Egypt. If you are living in Egypt and are looking for a way of being able to visit any blocked websites, then you should consider using the services of the best possible VPN services. They will keep your internet usage anonymous and private, even to the government of Egypt. These three VPN services you can trust when you are going online:


HideMyAss is one of the biggest VPN services online. A great thing about using HideMyAss is the fact that you can use two devices at the same time with just one private IP address. You can use any of the popular protocols for protection. They have 768 servers with more than 100 000 IP addresses in 151 countries. HideMyAss is also one of the few VPN services that offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

With HideMyAss you can have customer support in various ways, like email, chat, phone and FAQ base online.

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IPVanish is the second best VPN service that you can use. And, IPVanish has 141 servers in 61 countries. They offer a 7 day money back guarantee.
You can use IPVanish on various operation systems. The systems that you can use IPVanish on are: Windows, Mac, Android, Windows Phone, Ubuntu, Chrome book and even with routers.

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Private Internet Access

A great thing about Private Internet Access that they have all sorts of payment options that you can use, even pay with gift cards. Private Internet Access has now 1830 servers in 12 countries. They offer a 7 day money back guarantee on all their packages and you don’t even need to install their software. You can instantly use the software.

Some of the protocols that they use are OpenVPN, IPSec, SOCKS5 and PPTP. With them you can use up to 5 devices at the same time and just pay one subscription fee.

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Even if you are living in Egypt where there are a lot of restrictions on Internet usage, you can visit that websites that are banned. Thanks to the best VPN services for Egypt, you can know surf the net anonymous and private.


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