Cisco On TV and in the Movies


Cisco technology has featured in a number of TV shows and movies, and if you’re a fan of the blockbuster series 24 you will be well aware of how Cisco technology has helped Jack Bauer save the world!

When you see Cisco solutions in action on TV or in the movies you can better understand how our network technology is transforming the way we communicate and collaborate.

Watch the clips, find out more about the technology behind the scenes, or check out other TV shows and movies that feature Cisco technology.

Look out for these shows on DVD!


An early episode of Season 8 sees President Taylor being briefed via Cisco TelePresence by her advisors about a potential threat to national security, and the data collaboration screen is used to simulate the attack. Cisco TelePresence is a collaborative technology that creates life-like, in-person experiences between individuals, businesses and events. Now people everywhere can work, live, play and learn together, in person – over the network.


In the new season premiere watch Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise) hold a virtual meeting with the FBI and other field agents to try and solve a crime. A second pivotal scene appears in the season finale. In the virtual world of Second Life, Cisco IP Phones, TelePresence and Digital Media Signage solutions are key features in the CSI Crime Scene game.


In Season 2 of Heroes Cisco Video Surveillance leads assassin Ellie Bishop (Kristen Bell) to make a sinister discovery. Part of Cisco’s suite of physical security products, video surveillance can give you easy, secure access to live and recorded video in a wide range of scenarios including campus, branch and mobile.


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