Create a Fake Identity and Remain Anonymous While Online


There are several reasons why a person wants to remain anonymous online, and perhaps even create a fake identity. The most common reason is that they do not want anything to come back to them in the form of hackers or other online criminals. Not everyone who wants to remain anonymous online or have a fake identity online are looking for trouble, they are simply wanting to protect themselves from all the dangers that the Internet has.

Going Incognito Online

One way that you can protect yourself while online is to use your browser’s incognito feature. This is available via any browser you may use, whether this is Chrome, Firefox, Explorer or Safari. This can be found in the settings window, or through using certain command keys to get this to appear. While incognito the browser cannot note files, data or browsing experience. Which means that what you do while online cannot be found on your computer afterwards. However, this does not give you complete coverage.

Utilize a VPN

A VPN is a virtual private network that allows your IP address to remain anonymous. This is perhaps one of the best methods for ensuring that you are completely secure while online. When your IP address is hidden, no one can find you. This does mean that it makes it almost impossible for hackers to track you or any information that you may enter online. A VPN like HideMyAss, which offers over 800 servers, will allow you to anonymously surf the Internet from almost any location on the globe.

Use a VPN for hide your IP address

Use a VPN for hide your IP address

VPN’s also route your website request through several tunnels. For criminals, ultimately this means they are left chasing after a person, without really knowing where they person is visiting online. IPVanish is another VPN that is considered great on the market to utilize. With a VPN you still can be seen as a person, but there is no way to pinpoint just who you are or where you are located at.

Use Disposable Email Addresses

Everyone hates spam in their inbox. But, if you were to give out disposable email addresses, you can avoid tons of spam in your real inbox. Many people utilize a disposable email address and give this out, then forward those emails that are important to their regular email. It can cut down on the clutter and also help to avoid phishing scams through doing so.

Create a Fake Identity

There are several websites out there that require you to fill in forms just to access information. With this information, the website may start sending spam emails, or they may even sell this to third parties. Either way, it puts your information in the hands of someone else. That is why many people utilize fake identities when filling in these forms to ensure it does not come back to them. There are several programs online that are meant to help with this, including the name, addresses, phone numbers or whatnot that these forms require.

Staying safe online should be a priority of everyone. Everyday there are hundreds of attacks to those who are online, and many times they go unnoticed for months or years. During this time, personal information is taken and can be used for however the criminal pleases. Therefore, the only option is to remain a mystery online, to have a fake identity and remain anonymous.

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