Essential Services PPS & MVPN


Essential Services PPS & MVPN

Prepaid Service (PPS) means that a cellular telephone subscriber can raise his account balance by purchasing a scratch card with a prepaid sum. A call will be taken or rejected based on the balance in the subscriber’s account. The call fee will be deducted from the subscriber’ account in real time. Telecom operators are satisfied with their service development, but they are profoundly troubled by some inharmonious aspects of their service development, which includes bad debts. Subscribers are given an opportunity to escape payments by simply buying another SIM instead of recharging the old SIM. This behavior caused serious losses to the mobile operators and resulted in considerable amounts of bad debts. Wireless Intelligent Network (WIN) supplies prepaid service as a remedy. A subscriber must have enough cash to be able to make a call, so the operators no longer need to worry about bad debts.

Prepaid Service’s Global Program

At Present, prepaid service has been developed around the world with Europe playing a leading part in this marketplace. Prepaid service is an excellent means of producing high profits for the operators around the world. For instance, as the company Max Mobil, Global One Company created the third system of mobile phone prepaid cards in Vienna, Austria on Oct 15th 1997. Max Mobil had 40,000 postpaid subscribers, before introducing PPS service. Ninety days after starting PPS, the amount of its PPS subscribers reached to 40,000. At Present, Max Mobil has around 100,000 subscribers, with more prepaid than postpaid subscribers.
Service Attributes

— Call tracking: The system will alarm the subscriber when his or her equilibrium isn’t adequate for a particular call duration, and the call will be interrupted when the subscriber’s equilibrium is used up.
— Call barring: When a PPS subscriber attempts to make a call, but his balance is not sufficient for the particular call duration, the call is not going to be connected and a voice statement will be played to the caller.
— Validity period of the cellular telephone number (MSISDN): The system can establish the validity interval of the subscriber’s cellular telephone number (MSISDN).
— Balance query: The subscriber’s equilibrium can be queried by them through DTMF telephone, mobile phone, Internet or through the customer service center.
— Recharging system: The following methods can be used to recharge by the subscriber:
1. Recharge in the company hall.
2. Recharge using a scratch card.
3. Recharge in batch: recharges a batch of subscriber accounts.
— Roaming support: PPS subscriber can roam globally or domestically.
— Group subscribers: Group subscribers can have these characteristics: Group subscribers cut in and cut out, personal account, individual sum limitation, preferential rate for internal group call, number restriction and regional roaming limitation, and group recharging.
— Hotline number: The prepaid subscriber is billed with specific rates for hotline calls.
— Supporting supplementary services: The prepaid service subscriber can apply for some supplementary services accessible on the GSM cellular telephone network; as an example: international roaming on PPS, short message on PPS, acquaintance number on cell and PPS & time reduction on PPS.


Edges of MVPN

Mobile Virtual Private Network (MVPN) provides cellular subscribers with private network services similar to the great expense if a business mainly uses mobile phones. If there is a MVPN created not only the mobile phones will be economically to use but the call costs may also be controlled. Therefore, it’s an excellent option for large businesses to set up MVPN in offices situated between distinct cities and within the exact same city. Since it’s hard to handle distinct telephone numbers of various sections, MVPN helps businesses to allocate amounts in a manner that is suitable for each section. Compared with rented or branch exchange, MVPN recognized by WIN can make complete use of the public network facilities. For the telecom operators, MVPN can efficiently bring subscriber groups, and quickly raise the distribution amount since MVPN subscribers are generally companies with frequent calls and call traffic.

The operator can be empowered by mVPN with competitive advantages over its rivals.

Service Attributes

— On-internet calls: An on-web call means a MVPN subscriber calls another subscriber in the same MVPN. MVPN offers discounts on the rates to both parties.
— Off-net calls: An off-internet call means a MVPN subscriber calls a subscriber outside the local MVPN. The calls outside the MVPN can have a preferential rate based on the preset style.
— Account call: An account can be set for each user in the group, to be able to command the price of the MVPN group. When the MVPN user calls, the cost will be collected, and the user will be unable to make a call when the charge reaches the limit set by the group.
— MVPN group attendee: There’s an attendant inside MVPN group to reply number queries and the user questions.
— Call barring: MVPN subscribers can be prevented from calling specific numbers in the network. In the instance of calls outside the network, MVPN subscribers can be prevented from generating international tolls. This service attribute can be joined with authentication code to realize adaptive call management.
— System banned numbers: MVPN group can place prohibited call to numbers to the group.
— MVPN direction: The direction functions of MVPN subscribers include: adding and deleting subscribers, changing subscriber’s privileges, and filing the on-internet prevented numbers.
— Voice query: The subscriber’s authority can be queried by them, they can query the accumulated charges through the voice service, in addition to receiving the accurate number corresponding to the number inside the group.
— Private dial airplane: The MVPN group can make its own numbering plan, which is not difficult to manage and remember.
— Remote access: A remote access means that a MVPN subscriber can called by a subscriber outside the MVPN.
— Closed subscriber group: Some special subscribers can be set within VPN to form a closed subscriber group. The subscribers in this closed group aren’t permitted to telephone the subscribers outside and vice versa.



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