The fastest vpn for Torrent and P2P in the UK


Tired of slow connections? Sick of being blocked or tracked?  Have a look at IPVanish to meet your Virtual Private Network (VPN) needs.

Blazing Fast Torrent and P2P Downloads

If you need quality VPN service with guaranteed top speeds for your P2P and torrent downloads, IPVanish is the product for you.

Rated tops in reliability and speed, with IPVanish VPN you shall not be bothered by long wait times for your download and surfing needs.  It’s a fantastically fast service.

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Learn to Know IPVanish

Great speed and guaranteed reliability are not the only great features IPVanish offers.  Protecting your total anonymity is also a mainstay.

IPVanish also tenders the following services:

  • Online identity protection
  • Free IPVanish VPN software included
  • Complete control of your own IP’s location
  • Surf on public Wi-Fi Hotspots with complete privacy
  • Compatible with multiple devices
  • Ad blocker services are included
  • For advanced users: OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP protocols available

With these extensive services, IPVanish stands without compare in providing maximum value for your money.  If you are serious about your privacy and anonymity or concerned about potential repercussions to your surfing and downloading habits, then IPVanish is for you!

Total Anonymity

Even the most casual visit to a website during standard surfing leaves a distinguishable trail that most Internet users are unaware of.  This is like leaving a digital hand or finger print every time you touch a website.  You have every right to keep this information from others than yourself, especially considering your IP address makes your system a wide open target to malicious hackers and cyber-criminals.  Experience an unmatched peace-of-mind with IPVanish.  No more worries!

IPVanish does as its name promises: it makes your IP vanish, making it impossible to trace or link back to you.  Your privacy and security while surfing the web is now in your total control!

IPVanish Does More Than Cover Your Tracks

The inclusive security bundle of features as well as the masking of your IP address makes IPVanish the top VPN service on the Internet, protecting your browsing as well as your data transfers.  It’s a total package!

If you depend on large data transfers from and to a Cloud Service for instance, this is an activity which is highly vulnerable to being hijacked as files are being transmitted.  No more worries!  Using IPVanish allows the safety of knowing their top of the line security protocols will maintain your privacy as well as the uncompromised integrity of your files.

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Reasonable Rates

IPVanish offers three reasonable payment plans. The best value comes as an annual package of $77.99 running to about $6.49 per month.  Other plans cost more, but offer more flexibility in commitment.   IPVanish also boasts highly qualified and dedicated technical support staffers that stand ready to assist you during U.S. business hours Monday through Friday, via chat or email, in addition to all of the features mentioned above.






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The winning quality of IPVanish and its great speed and security features makes this VPN service beyond compare.  HideMyAss however comes as a close second with great features of its own.  HideMyAss is extremely popular but in comparison testing continually falls short of the quality collection of services and features offered by IPVanish.


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