France Could Ban Free Wi-Fi & Tor Due to Paris Attacks


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After the attack in Paris, France earlier this month, the government is considering banning free Wi-Fi networks like Tor.

The French police have proposed that the free Wi-Fi networks and Tor are banned from next year, because they claim that the attack in Paris was because of free Wi-Fi networks. This is because if there’s an emergency it will be hard to track with the free networks banned.

They also proposed that those people who don’t disconnect from free Wi-Fi networks should face criminal charges. This might assist so that something like this won’t happen in Paris again, but it will have an effect on the people living in France.

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This might seem like a great idea on paper, but with the free networks banned in France will not prevent a disaster like the one, earlier the month again. They will just find another way of attacking in France again, if they really want to. Banning free Wi-Fi in France might seem like a great idea, but it will have many negative effects on the people living in France.



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