Global Netflix to Become Reality?


Considering the growing number of users outside America opting for Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to access the US version of Netflix, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has reportedly announced plans to launch a Global Netflix around the world. He also said that the VPN scenario is someone who wants to pay and can’t quite pay. The basic solution is for Netflix to get global and have its content to be the same all around the world.

A major reason why people would want to use a VPN to access Netflix is because US content is not available in other versions of Netflix, such as the recently launched Australia Netflix, due to several issues such as broadcasting and licensing rights for TV shows and movies. Hence, users outside America cannot gain complete access to the Netflix video library as compared to those in the US.

As we already know that a VPN service can help the user access any global content with absolutely no geo-restrictions; in this regard, any person outside US could access the US version of Netflix using a VPN service by logging into an US-based server using a US IP address.

Netflix CEO also raised concerns over broader issues such as illegal downloading and piracy; and opined that use of VPNs is not much of a concern. Meanwhile, launched a Global Netflix is not easier; Netflix has to bring together all the entertainment studios around the world to come to a conclusion on the change of their operating procedures.

Recently, the EU has proposed a single digital market strategy to deal with geo-restrictions, by modernizing Copyright laws and also facilitate cross-border e-commerce in order to allow consumers purchase products and services online from other countries. If the single digital market plan is approved, then a Global Netflix would be available in 28 European countries.


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