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hidemyass review

One of the latest virtual private network providers on the market is HideMyAss, and it is fairly popular with those who are working for a dependable VPN network. With this being said, HideMyAss or HMA, is based in the United Kingdom. There have been issues in the past that have dealt with privacy leaks. Thus, for many this can be a warning sign to avoid such as big VPN provider. For those with this mindset a logless VPN or a torrent provider may be the best option. However, for those who are looking for a VPN with a larger server database and reliability, then HMA may be the best choice.

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Servers and Locations

HideMyAss claims to be one of the largest VPN’s on the market, allowing for more people across the globe to access an affordable and reliable virtual private network. The company continues to add more servers. In just one year, they have added over 300 servers for consumers to utilize. Total, the company providers over 800 servers that are in 193 countries. Due to the high number of servers, HMA is able to offer 116,726 IP addresses for consumers to utilize. A breakdown of their servers and locations are as follows:

hidemyass review server location

  • North America: 410 servers
  • Europe: 302 servers
  • Asia: 61 servers
  • Oceania: 22 servers
  • Central America: 6 servers
  • South America: 14 servers
  • Africa: 52 servers

These servers are located in major cities throughout these countries.

Hidemyass servers locations

Hidemyass servers locations

Protocols & Software Utilized

HMA offer consumers the choice of using the three popular VPN protocols. These are:

  • LLTP
  • L2TP
  • OpenVPN

A customer can easily switch between these different protocols if they are utilizing a difference device or software. In terms of operating systems that HMA will work with, a person will find that most major operating systems like Mac, Windows, Linux and so forth can be used in conjunction with HMA. This does include the operating systems that smartphones use, such as Blackberry, Android and Apple phones. In addition, the VPN can also work with gaming systems that get online. One of the crowning benefits of HMA is that they do offer customers the ability to use one account on two devices simultaneously. Thus, you can use HMA on your laptop, while also using this with your Internet capable smartphone. This is a feature that not every VPN can compete with, and is one of the reasons why many consumers are eager to utilize HMA for their Internet privacy.

hidemyass review

HideMyAss Security

A huge part of using a VPN, is that most consumers want to ensure that their privacy is completely secure. For the most part, HMA can offer this. The protocols in which the VPN utilizes do use a 256 bit encryption, which is what is suggested when worried about privacy. This is a huge plus. However, their security ranks lower due to the fact that they are required by the law to keep partial logs on consumers. These partial logs can show what the person did while online and how long they stayed on certain websites. If the government requests this information in the UK, HMA must provide this. So, there is always the chance that your information could be given in a partial log to the authorities.

Customer Support

One of the drawbacks of the VPN is that they do not have customer service that is available 24/7. However, due to the popularity of the VPN they do have a very well organized support forum that may allow you to answer your own question. The support team can be contacted via email. Though there is no time frame for when the team will get back with your request, in most of these instances, the response is given in at least 24 hours.

Hidemyass customer service

Hidemyass customer service

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Ease of Getting HMA

No one wants to go through a lengthy signup process. However, the website is easy to utilize, allowing for an easy signup process. All that you have to do in order to sign up for HMA is to give your email address and a form of payment. Keep in mind, you do get a free 30 days to use the service before you are billed, a huge plus when looking at the VPN market. After this information has been provided, the company will send you links that will allow you to download the software for your device.

Hidemyass Registration Form

Hidemyass Registration Form

The download links are going to be corresponding to whatever operating system you are using. There are a few housekeeping questions to answer such as what country to select in which you are based, you can adjust IP address settings, select which programs to run while connected through the VPN, and the download link will run a speed guide to determine which server your service should be accessing, among other aspects that combine to make your VPN experience one of a kind.

For those who are downloading HMA for android, they will want to sign up for an account with their Google+ accounts, in order to download this VPN from the Google Play Store. This app is simple to use, and is going to download rather quickly.

The Speed of HideMyAss

Most importantly, people are often worried about the speed with HMA. Since there are many servers out there, one would think the speed would be amazing. However, after performing our own speed tests over the course of a few days, we were slightly disappointed with the speed results. However, the speed was consistent over several days, which is a plus.

Test Hidemyass no VPN

test Hidemyass no VPN

Test Hidemyass server no VPN

Test Hidemyass server PPTP

Test Hidemyass server PPTP

Test Hidemyass server PPTP

Plans and Pricing

There are 3 different packages in which a person can choose from when they choose to do business with HideMyAss. There is the 1 month plan, the 6 months plan, and the 12 month plan. The pricing is as follows:

  • $9.99 per month : 1 Month Plan
  • $8.33 per month: 6 Month Plan
  • $6.55 per month: 12 Month Plan

All plans come with the 30 day money back guarantee. Therefore, if there is any reason why you do not like the service, you can cancel, and your money will be refunded to you.

There is a free version of HMA that can be utilized. However, this free service is nothing compared to their paid for services. The free version allows for access to some blocked webpages, but not all, and also includes an IP checked, ability to hide web browsers with one click, and the like.

Hidemyass Pricing Plans

Hidemyass Pricing Plans


All in all, HideMyAss has some impressive attributes about it. We personally like:

  • The 30 day money back guarantee
  • Ability to use one account with two devices at the same time
  • The number of servers and how the company keeps adding to this list
  • Ease of signing up and installation

However, there were some aspects in which we did not like. These included:

  • The VPN protocol setups
  • The logging information required by the UK

Overall, HideMyAss is a large VPN that as it continues to grow is going to allow for more security throughout the globe. Pricing was competitive when compared to other VPN’s on the market, and they have a huge server list, which means getting service while traveling or living in remote locations is easier than ever.

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