How to Get an Italian IP Address


For many people the idea of having an IP address associated with another county is not something that they believe they need. However, with the Internet becoming more and more censored and restricted, having an IP address associated with another country is becoming a necessity. For those who wish to view Italian websites, then they may wonder how to get an Italian IP address. The good news is that this is relatively easy.

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For those who are wondering how to get an Italian IP address, they are going to need to utilize a virtual private network. HideMyAss, is considered one of the best VPN’s on the market, and offers over 800 servers throughout the world for customers to utilize. Through a VPN, you can connect to a server that is located in Italy and you are immediately given an Italian IP address. Another VPN worthy of consideration is IPVanish, the second favorite of many VPN experts out there.

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Why You Need an Italian IP Address

Now that you understand how to get an Italian IP address, people start to wonder why they would want one of these. The main reason is to help battle geo-blocked content. Every country has their own sporting teams and news websites that are specified for that country. If you were to be located in the United States, chances are you cannot gain access to these websites. The reason being is that your IP address is associated with the US. When you get an Italian IP address, you can avoid running into these problems.

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How VPN connection works

Others who get an Italian IP address often do this as they travel away from Italy frequently. They still want to be connected via their social media accounts and even able to access their online banking accounts. Many of these sites are set to utilize only IP addresses associated with Italy. This has many locals seeking the answer to how to get an Italian IP address. Even though you may be a citizen of Italy, if you travel outside of Italy, the websites you visit at home are not going to be available while on the road.

Other benefits that a person will find with getting an Italian IP address is that they will:

  • Be able to surf the web with a private IP address that cannot be traced back to them
  • VPN’s often enhance the personal security of a person
  • Content that may be blocked by the government in one country, can be accessed with the Italian IP address

Overall, for those who wonder how to get an Italian IP address, they no longer have to worry. They will find this relatively easy to set up on their devices, including their mobile devices, and with the touch of one button will have access to the Italian web no matter where they are located.

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