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The Internet is getting to become a big part of our world. There isn’t a place or home that doesn’t have Internet or are thinking about getting Internet. Even using Wireless in your home is getting more popular. There are always risks involved when we are using the Internet, and we should always look for ways on how to make our internet connection safer.

The first thing that you should do is you should change your password and username of your wireless very often. This is the only way that you can know that no one can use your wireless without your permission. The second thing that you can do is by changing your default SSID.

You also shouldn’t use any unsecured wireless networks yourself. This can be very dangerous to open or connect to an unsecured Wireless connection. You should also switch off your wireless connection if you don’t use it. This also will ensure that your internet connection stays safer.

The last and most important way of making your Internet connection safer is by making use of the best VPN services. They are protecting you against any unwanted persons getting access to your computer. But you should be aware that you should only any of these three VPN service to make sure that you are really safe.

Ranking and Review of the TOP 3 VPN Service

RankRead the ReviewServersCountryPriceVisit VPN Site
No 1

Hidemyass VPN Review


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No 2

IPVanish Review


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No 3

Private Internet Access Review


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The first VPN service that you can use is HideMyAss. They have 768 servers with more than 100,000 IP addresses in 151 countries. They have about these services over the world: 22 Servers in Africa; 49 servers in Asia; 6 servers Central America; 260 servers in Europe; 371 servers in North America; 13 servers in Oceania; 13 servers in South America. You can use any of the popular protocols for protection. HideMyAss offer a 30 day money back guarantee with great prices.

HideMyAss have customer support in different ways, like phone, email, chat and FAQ base online. With HideMyAss, you can use two devices at the same time with just one private IP address.

Protect Your Internet Experience with HMA


IPVanish is the second best VPN service. They have 141 servers in a total of 61 countries. Overall they have all over the world about: 69 servers in Europe, 41 servers in North America, 18 servers in Asia, 3 servers in Oceania, 6 servers in Central/South America, and 4 servers in Africa.

You can use IPVanish on a lot of different operation systems like, Windows, Mac, Android, Windows Phone, Ubuntu, Chrome book and even with routers. They offer a 7 day money back guarantee on their services.

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Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access is the third best VPN. Private Internet Access has now 1830 servers in about 12 countries. They offer a great 7 day money back guarantee on their packages and you don’t need to install their software. You can instantly use the software easily.

The protocols that they use are OpenVPN, IPSec, SOCKS5 and PPTP. Private Internet Access have all kinds of payment options that you can use, you can even pay with gift cards. With Private Internet Access you use up to 5 devices at the same time and just pay one subscription fee.

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It is very important to make sure that you make your Internet access safer so that hackers and other online criminals won’t get access to your computer.


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