Netflix Coming to Australia and New Zealand


Netflix has recently announced its official launch in Australia and New Zealand on March 24 2015. The announcement is backed with the so-called good news that the Australian version of Netflix would contain a collection of 1,600 TV shows and movies. Also included in the package is all three seasons of House Of Cards, alongside original Netflix shows such as Marvel’s Daredevil and Marco Polo, among other titles that total to about 1,200 in number.

However, the customers do not seem to be happy with the package since Netflix Australia is not fully-loaded or at least not similar to the versions available for customers across the well-established markets such as the US.

It is not difficult to access Netflix with a broader scope, and much more available choices of your favourite TV shows and movies. The solution is a Virtual Private Network or a VPN service that allows the user to connect to any server located worldwide, and thus access any geographic version of Netflix.

All those titles, shows and movies that you could miss by registering to Australia Netflix can now be accessed using a simple and affordable solution called VPN. There are a bunch of VPN services available with a wide range of options that suit your requirements. You just have to choose the best out of them to access any level of geo-restricted content, with complete safety and privacy.

The list of shows that would be available on Netflix with the help of a VPN is vast, for example you can watch original shows such as Orange is the New Black, Better Call Saul and many others that are completely geo-restricted and cannot be accessed around the globe. Some of the best VPN’s in the world including HideMyAss, IPVanish and Private Internet Access. All of which can offer a safer and more secure experience with the Internet.


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