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For the utmost privacy and security while browsing the Internet, many people turn to a VPN service provider to ensure they are safe while online. The VPN market is huge, with many different providers offering the next best VPN out there. One VPN that is getting a lot of recognition is Private Internet Access. This company is based out of the United States, and has impressed several people with the level of security they offer, guaranteeing the person is anonymous while online.

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Servers and Locations

Private Internet Access is not a huge company when compared to other VPN providers on the market. However, if they have a server that you can utilize, they are definitely worth the time to consider. The company offers several servers in over 18 countries. The majority of their servers are located in the United States, as this is where they are based. The United States servers offered are:

  • 220 servers located in California
  • On the East coast there are 422 servers
  • Midwest offers 292 servers
  • Texas has 194 servers
  • Florida offers 56 servers
  • Seattle has 65 servers
  • On the West coast there are 96 servers
  • In New York there are 100 servers

Though the company is based in the United States, they still offer servers in other parts of the world as well. These servers are:

  • Canada offers 150 servers in Toronto and North York
  • Australia has 120 servers located in Sydney and Melbourne
  • The Netherlands has 319 servers
  • Switzerland offer 61 servers
  • Sweden has 47 servers
  • France has 54 servers
  • Germany has 59 servers
  • Russia offers 10 servers
  • Romania offers 17 servers
  • Turkey has 10 servers
  • Hong Kong has 20 servers
  • Singapore offers 10 servers
  • Japan has 10 servers
  • Israel has 12 servers
  • Mexico offers 10 servers
  • Brazil offers 10 servers

The company is adding on more servers in different areas of the world throughout the year, as they steadily grow.

Private Internet Access servers locations

Private Internet Access servers locations

Protocols & Software Utilized

The following protocols are used by Private Internet Access:

  • OpenVPN
  • PPTP
  • L2TP/IPSec

It should be noted that they do not offer SSTP, which for some people is the preferred protocol. However, those who have a membership with the VPN have the ability to use any of the protocols they wish to use. In terms of what software the VPN can be used with, there are really no restrictions. The VPN can be used with Windows, Mac, and multiple smartphones. In addition, the VPN can work with Boxee Box, DD-WRT routers, Ubuntu, Tomato, and PFSense.

Private Internet Access VPN software

Private Internet Access VPN software

Private Internet Access Security

The security and privacy that Private Internet Access offers is something that sets this VPN above others that are on the market. The company is based in the US, where there are no log traffic laws in place. Thus, the company is not required to collect data on where customers visit, how long they stay on this site, or the like. Another huge security benefit of the VPN is that all clients are using shared IP’s. Meaning that if the company were to be monitored, it would be impossible to pinpoint who would be visiting what site and when. The company itself does keep payment information on file, which most VPN providers do. On the technical side, Private Internet Access does have DNS leak protection, and an auto disconnect feature that disconnects the person from the Internet should they lose service. This is all in an effort to make sure identities are not stolen.

Customer Support

Private Internet Access gets a lot of customer’s approval thanks to the customer support they have in place. They do have a chat feature, allowing people to get answers to their questions almost immediately. Aside from this, they do have an email feature. Most people are getting answers to their questions in a very timely manner, usually a matter of a few hours. They do have a FAQ section. However, this is not as impressive as other VPN providers on the market, as it contains very little information.

Privacy Policy client support

Privacy Policy client support

Ease of Getting Private Internet Access

Getting Private Internet Access is even easier than what was expected. The company encourages people to use disposal email addresses and to use forms of payment like Bitcoin, which can allow the person to stay anonymous. Even if choosing to pay with PayPal, the process is rather simple. The choice of payment options is huge, with the company not only accepting PayPal, Bitcoin, and credit cards. But, they also accept OKPay, Amazon, Google Wallet, CashU and Liberty Reserve.

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The Speed of Private Internet Access

When using a VPN, most people experience a slight loss in speed. However, our test results shown great results, with some areas even seeing an increase in the speed of the Internet. When connected to a UK server, the upload speed was 3.85 Mb/s, without the use of a VPN the speed was 1.03 Mb/s. All in all, almost everyone was impressed with the speeds seen with this VPN.

Private Internet Access speed test no VPN

Private Internet Access speed test no VPN

Private Internet Access VPN server UK

Private Internet Access VPN server UK

Private Internet Access speed test VPN server Netherlands

Private Internet Access speed test VPN server Netherlands

Plans and Pricing

Private Internet Access is very affordable in their pricing packages. They offer three different packages to ensure that everyone can find something that will work for them. The pricing packages are:

  • $6.95 per month with a monthly package
  • $5.99 per month when signing a 6 month contract
  • $3.33 per month when signing a year contract
Privacy Policy pricing plan

Privacy Policy pricing plan


There are several aspects about Private Internet Access that are making this a VPN that greatly needs to be considered when wanting safety and privacy while online. The main benefits we saw were:

  • Able to use the VPN with 5 devices simultaneously
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • No logs are kept on clients
  • Able to sign up for ease without the use of a lot of personal information
  • The kill switch present if Internet is lost
  • Offers DNS leak protection

Some of the drawbacks we noted:

  • They have no money back guarantee offered
  • No free trial offered to try out the VPN
  • No SSTP protocol

For those who want security and privacy, then Private Internet Access is one of the best VPN’s on the market. All VPN’s have drawbacks, but Private Internet Access does not have as many drawbacks, and their benefits far outweigh their drawbacks.

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