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Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are the all the rage in privacy and protection using publicly accessible Internet.  A leader in the VPN field, StrongVPN offers high value service at a sensible cost with charges starting at $7.00 a month.

Look no further than StrongVPN for your VPN needs.  StrongVPN is ranked among the top service providers and is highly rated in terms of speed, compatibility, reliability, and value for money by their patrons. Uncapped and unrestrained VPN access for all their accounts are built-in features. StrongVPN delivers a large and powerful network capability with assured quality, performance and support.



StrongVPN is a leader in providing quality merchandise to its clientele and has the loyal world-wide users to prove it.  Originally a small start-up from South Lake Tahoe in the US, StrongVPN began in 1994 with PC sales.  Through their website they stretched out into the Internet services, offering locally to the South Lake Tahoe area.  It wasn’t long before StrongVPN services expanded into Colocation and Dedicated Servers, promoting an international growth.

Country IP Addresses

StrongVPN runs over 300 servers all over the world in 19 countries counting: Canada, The Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Malaysia, The Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland and The United States.


While specific switches and server choices differ according to available plans, StrongVPN offers a variety of supported protocols suited to varying needs:

  • SSTP (a top-of-the-line secure protocol for Windows 7 OS)
  • OpenVPN SSL (for regions with internet censorship)
  • PPTP / L2TP (the choice for mobile devices)

Platforms and Operating Systems

StrongVPN can interface with most OS:  Android tablets and phones, Ubuntu Linux/Unix systems, Apple/Mac platforms (iPhone, iPod, iPad, iTouch), Windows PC and Mobile, Nokia Phones.


StrongVPN offers a variety of plans to meet customer needs:

  • In the US:
    • Lite PPTP (99 servers) – $7 per month
    • Lite Open (163 servers) – $10 per month
    • Standard PPTP (107 servers) – $12 per month
    • Standard Open (172 servers) – $15 per month
  • Abroad:
    • Deluxe PPTP (157 servers, 16 countries) – $15 per month
    • Deluxe Open (258 servers, 17 countries) – $20 per month
    • Premium (264 servers, 19 countries) – $30 per month

Payment Plans

StrongVPN accepts many forms of payment methods including:

Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, DISCOVER, Western Union, Wire Transfers, Checks, PayPal, Google Checkout and JCB.

Customer Service and Support

StrongVPN can be reached directly via live chat and email services, and pledge to provide prompt, professional and quality customer service.  StrongVPN can be contacted through 24 hour / 7 day Live Chat, Skype, Remote Desktop, Forum, On Call, Support Ticket, and Email.

Privacy Policy

StrongVPN shall not record web traffic data, for instance files downloaded, websites visited, etc.

Some information however shall be collected for fleeting use in performance analyses:

  • Locality, Date and Time of VPN connection beginning
  • Bandwidth usage during the VPN connection
  • How long the VPN connection lasts

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