The Cost of Turkish Censorship


Turkish censorship is hitting a new low, which is for sure. One of their beauty Queens, the former Miss turkey of 2006, Merve Buyuksarac is facing prison time because she shared a poem on one of the social media websites Instagram. The poem was written to insult President Erdogan. She can get up to two years prison time, because of this!


And, she didn’t even mean to insult the president of Turkey. She just found it amusing, and when she realizes what she might have done, she did take the poem of, immediately. But, it was too late for her.

This newsflash hits all over the world. Especially in the countries that do not have internet censorships. This is really a new low for Turkey. Just imagine that you can face prison time, just because you have shared a poem or even a photo on any popular social media websites. This isn’t a good thing for the country.

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This latest punishment due to internet censorship just emphasizes the point that a VPN is often needed for citizens to simply do what they want online. It also goes to show how strict some censorship laws are, going as far as imprisoning those who share what should be funny poems on a social website.


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