VPN4ALL is the leader in the technology of virtual private networks. From the moment your Internet data/traffic leaves your computer until it makes its arrival to your requested destination it is encrypted.

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By way of the VPN’s secure gateways and servers, VPN4ALL acts as a safe guard and pass through for their user’s Internet traffic, which provides complete privacy and anonymity. All online identities are protected against hackers and trackers thus adding a secure layer of privacy to the user’s Internet connection. You can communicate between two independent computers or groups over the Internet through a public channel that is secured by creating a VPN4ALL VPN. A virtual firewall is built with a barrier that safeguards your Internet connection with high-level security instantly. Anonymous surfing through a VPN can circumvent control blocking by the government.

No hardware is required through the VPN4ALL subscription service. The VPN service relies on a combination of an ultra-fast network of servers located globally and enhanced VPN technology. The installation for Windows and Mac users that is easy to use. Regardless of the devices that their clients are using, they can enjoy online privacy, security, unrestricted access and anonymity.

In order to evaluate how VPN4ALL stands against the competition out there on the market, we decided to put it through the paces. The service performed well above average based on the criteria we used to evaluate it. To find out more information on the specifics of what we found out, you are invited to keep reading.


Unlimited and metered plans are available through VPN4ALL. When a user opens up an account, every month they are provided with 5 GM of traffic on just about every mobile device or traffic of 50 GB monthly for Mac and Windows systems. For heavy streaming and downloading, an unlimited plan is available.

For mobile accounts with 5GB the monthly price begins at $5.95

For Mac or Windows users up to 50GB is $9.95 per month

The monthly price range for unlimited plans is $16.95 to $19.95 for Windows or Mac


When accounts are paid quarterly, semi-annually, or annually, VPN4ALL offers discounts. Special codes can be offered to users from some vendors that will give them additional discounts for VPN4ALL.


VPN4ALL has an ease of installation that is immediately appreciated about the company. The system can be quickly set up right after you check out if you pay with PayPal or credit card. The electronic download is efficient and runs quickly. We did not encounter any difficult issues during the download or installation.

Immediately after the installation process was complete, the program launched itself automatically. After that, it was easy to enter in the licensing code sent to us via email for activation of the application. After the app was activated, we were able to go to the member’s area to create log in credentials. We appreciated the added convenience of not having to supply credentials repeatedly.

On your desktop, there will be a convenient icon provided by VPN4ALL after the installation is complete. With the icon, users can easily open the application on the desktop and go to the VPN program.

There are VPNs that demand you log in every time they are used. With VPN4ALL, after your license number is entered the app will never again ask you for log in credentials, which makes this service very convenient.

Using VPN4All

After VPN4ALL is running, you will find that you have a VPN application that is very slick at your disposal. There are a number of good features offered with this VPN service. It includes an option menu that will allow you to upgrade the software, purchase different plans, and to adjust the user settings with ease. It is very easy to obtain assistance through the help desk.

This VPN service was built for the average user and not the techies, and that makes the VPN service highly appreciated. VPN4ALL offers a user interface that is very easy to operate and gives you access to your new IP address and the server location you are using. You can easily change the virtual location and change servers.

When you are logged into the VPN4ALL service, if you like a particular server you can set it up to be your default. When you start up the app, you will automatically be connected to this server. The service can also be configured connect automatically you to the server that is the fastest. This feature will save you the hassle and time of searching for servers on your own.

A server can also be selected to be a fixed IP address for using your credit card or PayPal. This feature is unique and extremely helpful, especially since PayPal has been known to freeze users out of their accounts after too much connection through different IP addresses.

Easy to Use

The VPN4ALL is very easy to use and we really appreciate that. Too many of the top VPNs that are available on the market today look like mere beta versions. This is not the case with VPN4ALL. Arguably, it is the most user-friendly service for VPN that we have been able to encounter to date. There array of features offered is more substantial and they seem to be the most solid of any VPN service provider in the market.


The server network for VPN4ALL is located all around the world. Their United States servers are positioned in San Jose, Phoenix, Chicago, Denver, New York, and Tampa. For United Kingdom users, servers are located in Kirkcaldy, London, and Leeds Manchester.

The servers for VPN4ALL are located in these countries:

Canada           Netherlands     Luxembourg

Czech              Switzerland     Poland

Bulgaria         Costa Rica       Finland

Portugal         Germany         Russia

France            Spain               Finland

Belgium          Seychelles      Hong Kong

Lithuania      Estonia             Italy

Denmark         Latvia              Ireland


VPN4ALL has an impressive broad connectivity gateway that offers anonymous and secure high speed VPN with servers located in 26 countries, more than 50 different cities all around the globe. The global appeal of VPN4ALL is substantially increased because they maintain multiple servers in countries that are high traffic areas such as the US and UK.

The number of servers the company maintains are strategically located in offshore locations is another thing that can be appreciated about VPN4ALL. Secure offshore locations currently house five of VPN4ALL’s servers. It is important to know that these offshore jurisdictions are conveniently located close to major locations in Europe, Asia, and the United States.

The VPN4ALL network has servers in more strategic locations such as Costa Rica, which can easily be accessed from the USA.  Bulgaria, Russia, and Latvia are easily accessible from most of Europe and in the Middle East or Hong Kong Asians can easily access the servers on this network.

We have encountered many networks and truth be told, the VPN4ALL network is one of the best that has been encountered. They not only provide servers in large jurisdictions, but also in offshore locations that are within reach of major centers. In comparison to other networks, generally the VPN4All servers tested to be equal or better. The servers at VPN4ALL have a low latency and they are very fast.

With VPN4ALL being controlled from the offshore jurisdiction of Seychelles, it has a major leg up on competitor VPN services with bases in Europe or the United States. Many of the VPN services based in the United States offer security that is poor and users end up with a greater risk of being attacked by hackers.

Few other VPN providers can match the level of security that is available through VPN4ALL’s hardened server network with security that is jurisdictional.

Multiple Worldwide Servers

In 26 different countries around the world, this service maintains more than 100 servers. In major countries like Europe, United Kingdom and the United States there are multiple servers. Some of the latest coverage available on the VPN market is offered through VPN4ALL. Strategically placed servers in offshore locations offer users added levels of security when they are on the Internet.

Notable Features

When we tested VPN4ALL, we found many features that were notable. Some of these features are easy to use country settings, preferred server selection that is automatic, selection of the fastest server that is automatic, and for PayPal and credit card use, fixed IP addresses are available. Additional features that we liked are the ability to access customer service and support with ease and the ability to get updates within the app itself. In addition, we cannot overlook the fact that if the Internet connection fails the service will block it. This allows your IP address to remain hidden even if the application has failed.


PPTP and Open VPN protocols are offered through VPN4ALL. Users can be provided with over 1000 different IP addresses through this fast global network. At no additional cost, the service also offers one click IP and server switching that is unlimited. From anywhere in the world, users can access the one fixed IP address that accompanies their account. Dynamic, shared, and dedicated IP addresses are also available through this company.

Customer Support

VPN4ALL offers users 24/7 live support.  This allows users to communicate easily with VPN4ALL via chat or email. The support offered is up to date.  They also offer enhanced security measures, a Privacy Policy that is rock solid, and a Return Policy that is quite liberal. With two levels of tiers for customer support, an attempt is made to complete all client requests on the date they were submitted. Most basic technical questions can be handled by level one support.  All other issues will be emailed directly to level II for support.

If you experience issues during real time, the server is available through Skype or the Team Viewer through online support must be used.

Through the support ticket system offered by the service, we find pre-sale questions to be answered within one hour from receipt.

The company pledges that as a rule they will answer all questions within 12 hours from receipt. Our experience was that no matter what type of support question we asked, it only took an hour to get an answer back.

Money Back

A risk free money back guarantee is offered by VPN4ALL. Within the first 30 days, users can request a full refund as long as no more than 100 MB of bandwidth has been used.


With the offering capabilities of unlimited bandwidth, VPN4ALL does not limit traffic in any way. Users are able to continuously stream or download without any interruption. With the capability of unlimited traffic, users can share files, play, work, stream videos, shop, bank, or browse online.


Most all of their servers are on a Tier-1 network that is operating at 100 MB per second and 1GB per second ports allow traffic that is full with the broadband and will not cause a reduction in speed. Monthly plans offer users choices for 50 GM to unlimited with no bandwidth limits. Their PCI compliant servers offer gigabyte ports with tons of RAM and they operate across a secured network by Cisco Firewalls, and anti-malware safeguards.

Many tests of speed for uploads and downloads were conducted on VPN4ALL’s VPN network to show them to be faster when they are at baseline and without the app for running. Despite the fact that ping times can be high, the service offers good performance. Because of the encryption process, any VPN service could slow down your connection. Most broadband traffic can be carried without any significant reductions in speed through VPN4ALL’s service record.

Thousands of IP Addresses

Users can access any one of 1000, different IP addresses in more than 25 countries around the globe through the VPN4ALL service. Prying eyes such as government monitors and hackers are kept from seeing user’s online activities because the server network assigns users shared or static IPs. Your VPN client offers secure tunnels that encrypt your Internet traffic though a new anonymous IP address when you connect to one of the server locations of VPN4ALL.

When you make use of the “Change IP”, the client will automatically assign a new anonymous IP address to you whenever you choose. This is just one of the simple features that can set VPN4ALL apart from other VPN providers.

The Advantages of a Fixed IP Address

Having to constantly, shift IP addresses can cause many VPN users to encounter problems when they shop online. Any type of IP activity that is suspicious can cause users to be blocked by their bank, credit card provider, or even PayPal. A very important part of the online authentication process is IP verification. At VPN4ALL, the service providers counter this problem with a solution that is simple. When you sign up for an account it will automatically give you an IP address that is fixed. This is what the company will refer to as your Anchor IP. This secure Anchor IP can go everywhere with you, thus allowing you to conduct all of your transactions for payments without any hassles no matter what type of connection you are using for the Internet.

At VPN4ALL, users are provided with full control of their Anchor IP.  This allows them to set their own with just one click. Simply connect to VPN4ALL and change your Anchor IP whenever you like. Generally, the IP addresses from VPN4ALL are dynamically assigned, however, by connecting to your Anchor IP; all of your encrypted Internet traffic is automatically routed through the fixed IP address that is secure. This additional feature makes VPN4ALL stand out from their competition.

Easily Bypass Network Restrictions

Through several different ports on the network server, VPN4ALL’s service will support UDP and TCP connections. In the event a user’s network administrator has blocked UDP, it will enable the user to bypass network restrictions. When it comes to the penetration of firewalls, TCP connections perform extremely well even though they can be slower than UDP connections. The service is ideal because of the connection versatility for easily getting through firewalls and other such restrictions and limitation that could have been implemented by the user’s network.

P2P Made Secure and Easy

P2P file sharing is easy on VPN4ALL as long as it is legal. There are certain servers on the network that are designated to be P2P servers. In countries such as Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, China, Latvia, Estonia, and Russia where P2P file sharing is legal is where the secure and anonymous servers are located.

Anti-Spam Features

Users at VPN4ALL will also benefit from protective measure against SPAM implemented by the company. The company is able to do this by ensuring an IP address that has been assigned to a user is clean and is not on any kind of mailing list for SPAM type emails. Spam that originates from forums or web mail is prohibited on servers that belong to the network.

Supported Devices

Stationary and mobile devices that operated on Android, IOS, Mac, and Windows operating systems are compatible with VPN4ALL. Because VPN4ALL uses military grade encryption, all personal information can be safeguarded behind a wall that is impossible to breach. The user’s online connection is sheltered through sophisticated encryption from the computer’s ISP, network peers, and even government agencies.

A variety of mobile devices can be used with the mobile version of the app such as the Windows mobile, IPad, IPhone, and Android. When you run VPN4ALL on your mobile device, chat and instant messenger conversations can also be encrypted.

Supported OS

With locations in 27 countries with over 100 VPN servers, VPN4ALL will work on any platform. The antivirus, anti spam and firewall protection is quite comprehensive. All major browsers are supported by the VPN such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Firefox, and Google Chrome.


When using any VPN service security is always a concern. Many VPN service providers claim to offer encrypted services when they really do not; however, VPN4ALL provides a secure level of encryption. An offshore location in the Seychelles islands is where the company is based. Because of this, any type of court action from an Asian or Western government to attempt to gain access of server data will not likely get very far. Even if you do not have anything to hide from, this can be very reassuring. The data on servers that is opened with court orders and often be manipulated and misused.

VPN4ALL has a definite advantage over other VPN providers located in Europe, UK, or USA because they are located offshore. Because they are an offshore provider, the level of hardened server security and jurisdictional security offered by VPN4ALL can only be matched by a few VPN providers located in the US or Europe.

There are many notable features that VPN4ALL makes use of aside from having a high level of encryption. This includes antimalware features, and Kaspersky antivirus software and similar add-ons that can give you a more secure experience. VPN4ALL is one of the most secure VPN providers on the market today, especially when the low cost for the service is factored in.

Through OpenVPN protocols that are standard, VPN4ALL will change your IP address, give you a static IP, will remove header packets, and ensure that all packets are intermixed randomly with other user’s packets when you exit.

It is important to know that even though the service is compatible with OpenVPN protocols, it does not offer support for port forwarding or IPv6. To help prevent SPAM SMTP is limited even through it is permitted.

The following statement regarding their servers was made by VPN4ALL:

All Web Broadcasting Ltd. exit servers do not contain any information on them whatsoever. The operating systems are disabled except for modules enabled for the necessary transfer of data. Linux hardening, firewalls, anti-spam software, anti-virus software, anti DOSS attack software all secure the Web Broadcasting Ltd. Servers, and prevent malicious attacks by third parties. To provide the best possible privacy, Web Broadcasting Ltd. maintains network and servers. For the highest grade of security our servers are PCI compliant.”

Ideal for Unrestricted Videos and Downloads

Even under the best circumstances, streaming movies and downloading can be a process that is frustrating and slow. VPN4ALL employs capabilities in Smart Traffic Routing that will decrease wait times. The user is able to stream and download without any interruptions through the Smart Traffic Routing capabilities. The free 50GB version of the service even allows users to stream videos up to 350 hours or 50 movies downloaded. Users who want to upgrade to the Unlimited Bandwidth VPN Plan can do so to experience fast and unlimited access for downloads and streaming.

High Level of Encryption

The high level of encryption is what we really appreciate about this service. VPN4ALL has set up the high possible level of encryption. With the multilingual interface, users can find it easy to choose between German, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, or English as well as others that are available.


1/ With the software you are allowed to select your preferred gateway. You can choose between the servers that allow p2p and the No P2P servers.















2/ You will see this window once you are connected. On the top left, a menu is available.







3/ The features on the menu are “My Account” / “Options” / “Updates” / “About” / “Help”








4/ The Options for Connection


















5/ IP Change Options


















6/ Options for Automation



















7/ Options for Email



















8/ Select between the following language options English / Arabic / Dutch / French / German / Russian / Chinese / Spanish or Italian.


















9/ Options for Support



















Software Updates

The automatic software updates are another convenient feature that is offered by this service. Instead of having to find the updates yourself, VPN4ALL will scan for them and then they are implemented when new software updates are released.

Free Trial

Users can install a trial version that is free for the VPN4ALL service. It works on Mac or Windows and no credit card information is needed. The free version offers 100MB of service though an email only trial. No billing information is required for opening a trial account.  Users can install VPN4ALL on any number of devices, but only running it on one device at a time. For a limited time the free trial will give access to all benefits and features of the service. When an account is opened, the user will receive an instant VPN download that is fully activated. Users can change plan options at any time because there are not contracts or long-term commitments required.

Payment Options

The following providers are accepted methods of payment:

Master Card
American Express
Alert Pay

Free Version

A free version of this service is available. Users are allotted 50GM per month of usage versus an unlimited usage that can be accessed by one of the paid plans.

The Advantage of Being Located Offshore

VPN4ALL stands out above the competition because of their offshore location. The company being based in the extreme privacy friendly location of Seychelles is a key selling point. Located in the India Ocean, the Seychelles are a sovereign archipelago of the islands. 85,000 people call Seychelles home.  The privacy laws enjoyed there make it extremely difficult for banks or governments to share information related to businesses operating in the Seychelles. This high level of anonymity and protection is appealing.

Local laws of the Seychelles do not require VPN providers to maintain consumer logs and there is not a requirement for the registry to list shareholders. As an offshore company, VPN4ALL takes full advantage of this status and they state “requests from law enforcement will be met without any information being provided about the clients or their data. Even with a court order we would not provide any personal data about our users.”

Other Important Facts

Users can surf the internet in a safe environment, in complete privacy with the reliable VPN4ALL connection while concealing their true IP address from being viewed. Unprotected IP addresses will be typically tracked and traced. This can occur when users of unprotected VPNs are visiting websites, filling out simple order forms, or when they fall into traps left from hackers. When users connect to the internet via a dependable server on VPN4ALL, the only the VPN IP can be tracked and traced, but not the users actual origin or actual IP address. Hotspot sniffing is prevented when users connect to the Internet on a mobile device through VPN4ALL.  This keeps hackers from using the devices to view passwords, log in information, and other private data.

Foreign governments often restrict local Internet access, which can be frustrating to Americans and others who surf the Internet during travel abroad. Many foreign countries are quite restrictive when it comes to what websites they will allow to be viewed. They will often prevent connectivity to certain websites, even ones that provide VoIP service. This type of restrictive connection can be circumvented through the mobile VPN4ALL service. It will provide an open and reliable access on the Internet anywhere connectivity is available.

Your Privacy Protected

VPN4ALL is not like some VPN providers, as they do not engage in any type of logging of data concerning their customers. They do not collect, cache, or store internal logs of any kind about user activities. Their offshore location allows them to be absolved from having to maintain any type of log.


In summation, the VPN4ALL provides users that have a paid OpenVPN service with a money back guarantee in the unlikely event the system should fail and cause the user damage. The software platform is very easy to use and the many useful features will enable user’s connection to an extensive network of servers worldwide. The free trial version is available that is almost the same as the paid version, except there is a limit on the amount of time a user is allowed to use the service.

VPN4ALL is every easy to install and set up.  It has an excellent privacy policy and a secure encrypted connection. Overall, the performance is good and the company offers a vast array of servers. It is greatly appreciated that VPN4ALL is specifically designed with the average user in mind and not just for the technical minded.

VPN4ALL is able to deliver the ultimate in anonymity and security online along with good performance, unlimited switching, a dedicated free IP address, and a solid array of other features.

The price for VPN4ALL is reasonably fair, but it is by no mean the cheapest VPN provider you will run across. However, if you are searching for a VPN service that will run with OpenVPN protocols and is good overall, then it is worth trying. Simply start with the free trial and go from there.

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