What is a VPN?


A common term in the Internet world is VPN, or Virtual Private Network. However, many people are still unclear on just what a VPN really is. A VPN is simply a group of computers that are put together on the same public network, the Internet. Those who use VPN’s do this for several reasons, whether they connect into their businesses computers from a remote location. Or, in many situations, people utilize this type of network to ensure that what they send via the Internet is secure and encrypted, especially when using a public Wi-Fi connection or network.

The most vital aspect to remember about a VPN is that this is going to ensure that whatever data you send on your computer is secure when connected to a VPN.  Your smartphone can also be protected with a VPN, as a smartphone has literally become a small computer for many. Utilizing a VPN like IPVanish, who offers over 180 servers, can ensure that you are safe no matter where you are or what you are doing online.

Reasons to Utilize a VPN

There are multiple reasons why VPN’s are being used by millions of people throughout the world every day. Some of these reasons include:

  • When traveling these are a secure way to connect to your business or your home network without being physically in the location
  • To hide your browsing history from your local ISP or network
  • For accessing geo-blocked websites, such as accessing a website that is located in another country and is not open to your current location which can be done via Hidemyass. This VPN has 860 servers located in 190 countries.
  • To help in bypassing any internet censorship that may be in place, as is the case for those who live in countries that block social media or other websites
  • To download files on a Bit Torrent network, which is sometimes blocked by local ISP’s

Numerous people utilize VPN’s, including those who are in school, have a business, or even those who are frequently online and are worried about their privacy or security.

For those who do not fall into any of the above categories, a VPN can still be a useful tool to have at your disposal. For those who utilize public Wi-Fi connections on their computer or smartphones, a VPN is highly suggested. These public connections allow others to see whatever you are doing, including any data that you may have sent.

How VPN works

How VPN works

How to Utilize a VPN

Setting up a VPN for your computer is relatively simple. Most VPN providers on the market have downloadable installation processes that can walk a person through the process. Even those who may not know anything about programming or computer hardware will find this process easy. The person simply has to click on what type of software they are running, whether this be Windows, Mac or other computer software to configure the VPN.

Overall, a VPN is your chance at having peace of mind while using any network, whether this is public or private. With the amount of criminal acts that involve the hacking of data today, a person cannot afford to be without a safety net in place. This safety net is a virtual private network.

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